Client Challenge

One of Pegasus’ largest customers, an auto manufacturer, previously faced issues with reducing and controlling inventory levels which was affecting their sales target accuracy. The previous inventory management process was not cost effective or sustainable for long-term success.

Major Solution Points

  • Pegasus created a dedicated warehouse and inventory team to maintain real-time orders for accurate inventory control.
  • An exclusive transportation shuttle program was created to facilitate accurate delivery and execution.
  • The flexible solution anticipates warehouse needs and speeds time-to-market transportation.
  • Single point of accountability from supplier through production.

Key Results/Facts

  • The Pegasus team focused on a strategic inventory management process; consistently maintaining inventory accuracy above 99.5%.
  • The inventory management process created a 40% reduction in inventory and saved the company millions of dollars.
  • Today, zero sales are missed due to inventory inaccuracies.

The Real Win

Overall, the exclusive inventory and warehouse management solution was extremely cost effective. The client achieved sales targets, saved millions of dollars, and pushed inventory to market sooner.

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