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It takes a comprehensive understanding of logistics to customize solutions with our clients. Our team of innovative problem solvers listens to your needs and applies our collective experience to implement programs that drive success rapidly. We craft each solution to fit your needs precisely.

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We know that one size doesn't fit all in supply chain distribution, and our team is always ready for a challenge. We are creative, flexible, and continuously looking for ways to do things better. We learn the intricacies of your business and then design a strategy that meets your needs and offers you a visible supply chain.

Consulting Services

Our team of supply chain experts can help you optimize your supply chain by evaluating everything from your supplier base to your distribution centers to your customer base and everything in between. Our analysis will help you to create the ultimate network to best support your supply chain needs. We will also support supplier bids and help with the selection process.

Supply Chain Integration

Efficiencies, visibility and responsiveness are achieved when you integrate your supply chain with your logistics partner. Whether the integration involves IT, people resources, facilities, or a combination of these, Pegasus creates solutions to elevate processes and bottom lines for each of our clients. We believe in collaborating with your team from day 1 to design a customized, integrated program to meet your specific needs.

Visible Supply Chain

It's all about predictability, which is made possibile when you have instant access to real time activity. Pegasus provides end to end transportation solutions, with resources to manage the entire supply chain so our clients can run a well-connected, efficient, and responsive supply chain. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Real Time Business Analytics

We translate complex supply chain data into a common language for your organization to make meaningful business decisions. You are the experts in your business. We are the experts in global supply chain integration. By understanding the relationship of these dynamics we can assist in your efforts of being more predictive to fulfill organization purpose/vision.

Global Solutions Architect

Collaborate. Innovate. Execute. Repeat. Global Solutions Architects work as the liaison between our sales and operations teams, bringing the ideal blend of operations, business development, IT solutions and more. Their forward-thinking aptitude sets them apart from the typical service provider model, equipping teams to look beyond day to day tactical operations, knowing that what fits today doesn’t necessarily fit tomorrow.

Global Compliance

Our team of compliance experts will support a variety of programs to help your global compliance. We can support VAT programs, duty drawback, IOR, and a variety of your documentation needs. This will allow you to focus on your business while the experts handle the delicate programs around Global Compliance.

Risk Mitigation

At Pegasus, every single shipment is considered mission critical, therefore, we proactively manage each one with digital intelligence and laser-focused solutions teams. Additionally, our strong partner relationships, real time visibility and commitment to excellence are proven to mitigate risk. Increase awareness and decrease chaos with Pegasus Logistics.

Packaging Consultation & Customization

Do you need advice on protecting your high-value products while in transit? Or do you have a complicated delivery scenario where your product may be at risk of damage? We have the best-in-class subject matter experts to dig into your requirements and develop custom-configured solutions just for you. Say goodbye to constraints by heavy-handed consulting approaches or limitations by a corrugated box solution.

    Confidence in a

    Climate of Change

    A steady supply chain is vital to the success of Ford Meter Box to exceed the needs of its clients in both routine and unexpected circumstances. When Chris Shanks and his team met our crew, they felt confident with the transition plan we put in place and that it was the RIGHT move as we consistently executed with excellence. Today, Ford Meter Box depends on our team to ensure that all orders are high-quality and delivered on time.

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    Client ERP Integration

    Real time accurate order and inventory information is critical to the success of your business. The Pegasus team has extensive knowledge integrating with top tier ERP systems as well as the ability to customized to any level necessary to ensure data accuracy.

    No More GREY


    Achieve a Visible Supply Chain

    Pegasus has an ongoing commitment to investing in technology. We can produce fine-tuned services that meet your every need by offering the latest cutting-edge tools. Our systems provide you with complete visibility and efficiency within your supply chain.

    Online Shipment Tracking
    Systems Integration
    EDI Capabilities
    Proactive Alert Notifications
    AI Logistics GPS Tool

    Obsessed With
    Your Success

    You deserve a dedicated team to manage your unique business requirements. Managing your visible supply chain from start to finish requires proactive communication, and that’s what we’re focused on providing. We will help mitigate risk proactively by staying in contact with you, your suppliers, and your clients.

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