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Our Culture of Learning and Development

By: Pegasus Logistics Group
August 14, 2020
One of our favorite customers is our people! We must invest in them, prioritize them, and listen to their needs. The return is monumental.
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PDP Perspective: Adriana Sosa-Wade on the Importance of Adaptability

By: Pegasus Logistics Group
July 23, 2020
Adriana covers how adaptability is a crucial skill for anyone looking to pioneer a successful career path, especially in today's ever-changing workplace.
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PDP Perspective: Giles Ufer on the Importance of Culture in the Workplace

By: Pegasus Logistics Group
June 12, 2020
Searching for a company that holds goals and values that align with yours is a task I knew was important to me while interviewing for a post-college job.

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