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Better today than yesterday; a take on continuous improvement.

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What are you doing to improve yourself?  Stop for a moment and think about that. 

How are you better today than yesterday?  Where would you like to improve?  Do you want to improve in your career?  Have you thought about making improvements not only in your career but also in your life?  This isn’t only for your performance in the workplace!  You can improve everywhere.  Improvement can come in the most basic form – make the mundane task of making your bed every morning a routine.  (Granted, I don’t think the socio-economic status of anyone has changed from the organization and prep of their bed linens – but it’s a start!)

Are you aware of what’s going on in the world?  What about what’s going on in your country? What about in your specific industry?  Maybe your awareness is your improvement!?

Are you taking care of yourself with the proper nutrition and exercise? Improvement for you may come in the form of monitoring and being aware of your health.  A healthy lifestyle contributes to a balanced mind, which creates efficiencies and routines.

The answer could be routine – to the vexing question, “How have you improved?” The routine could begin with your start time, or your finish time – or the never-ending focus on your, “Work-Life balance.” 

You may have everything figured out!  You could conceivably have already improved at whatever task it was that you targeted.  What does that look like?  Are you happy with that improvement? How has that change improved you? 

There are so many channels for information these days – other than sitting down with a good book.  (Granted, books are still one of my favorites.)  There are audiobooks for those of you who are constantly on the go… check out audible.com.  For those of you who need a “quick fix” on a specific topic, podcasts are the next best thing!  No time to watch the news?  Listen to a podcast in the car, or while you’re on the train/bus/metro, etc.   

There are countless podcasts out there about personal improvement.    I highly recommend checking out the podcast, “Masters of Scale,” by Reid Hoffman.  This specific podcast talks about a number of career-related topics including entrepreneurial success as well as company culture.  Another highly engaging podcast with a multitude of topics is, “Armchair Expert,” by Dax Shepard. Dax interviews a barrage of people from all walks of life.  Finally, one of my absolute favorite podcasts out there is from NPR, titled, “How I Built This,” with Guy Raz. This podcast interviews the people who not only improved themselves along the way, but they created many of the household names for products and services we all use.

Do you have a mentor?  Are you mentoring someone?  A strong mentor will help you improve and you may not even realize it!  Mentors challenge you and help you get out of your comfort zone.  A mentor of mine recently told me, “If you’re uncomfortable, stay there for a moment – you’ll learn something.”

Learning and improvement aren’t easy – these are muscles that need to be practiced just like playing an instrument or exercising.  

Learn every day, challenge yourself, get uncomfortable….it will all contribute to your overall improvement.<

About Daniel Medalie, VP of Central Sales

Daniel Medalie is the Vice President of Sales for the Central Region here at Pegasus Logistics Group. He has been a part of the team for about 5 years now and is often known as “Medalie” around the office. His primary focus is coaching and developing his team of high performers so they consistently perform at their best. Medalie is passionate about building relationships and developing people. He is committed to investing in the next generation of sales professionals who are starting their careers.

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