Cold Chain Shipping in 2021: Q&A with Justin Murrietta

Cold Chain Shipping in 2021: Q&A with Justin Murrietta

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Justin Murrietta, Director of Life Sciences and Global Sales at Pegasus Logistics Group, sat with us to discuss how the Life Science industry is currently impacting supply chain and logistics. Justin is an experienced Global Account Executive with a demonstrated history in the logistics and supply chain industry with a focus on Life Sciences.

Whether you are new to cold chain shipping or are established in the industry, we invite you to read along through this short interview.

Q: How do you think the pandemic will continue to affect global supply chains in the new year?

A: “With the new year upon us, Life Science companies have begun to reanalyze their global supply chains and logistics programs across the board as they do annually.

However, with the global pandemic still impacting us, this process is more important this year than any other year as the logistics industry and its global infrastructure are expected to continue to see unrecognizable challenges.”

Q: How is the Supply Chain and Logistics industry currently being impacted by the pandemic and how do companies mitigate potential risk?

A: “The import and export segment of our industry is being impacted as airlines and steamship lines attempt to adapt to ever changing demand in volume, equipment availability, schedule fluctuations, and routing adjustments.

With that in mind, life science organizations should consider adding layers of contingencies such as conducting additional temperature-controlled lane validations to expand their approved network of airlines and steamship line routings for added flexibility.”

Q: From your vantage point, what possible challenges are Life Science companies facing with the increase of vaccine distributions?

A: “With the announcement of multiple vaccine approvals, the global distribution of these temperature-controlled products can also cause concern for added capacity constraints, longer lead times for the procurement of temperature-controlled packaging, and overall pressure on the global temperature-controlled logistics infrastructure. 

Organizations can limit their risk of exposure to these potential disruptors by working closely with their temperature-controlled logistics provider to gain up-to-date industry insight, support in temp controlled packaging options and procurement, and overall industry consultation.”

Q: What advice can you offer Life Science companies when choosing a logistics provider?

A: “Taking advantage of value-added services such as IOT or advanced technologies has also never been more important. Not only with the increased demand for temperature-controlled shipping, the request for an influx of data to support the “story book” of every shipment is quickly on the rise. 

Supply chains and quality teams are looking for solutions to track shipments down to GPS location, temperature throughout transit, and the measurement of humidity. Finding that logistics provider that not only has a flexible certified temperature-controlled network but creative value-added solutions available (such as real time tracking devices) to help support the business can be crucial and a bonus to any organizations supply chain.”

Whether it’s transporting the COVID-19 vaccine or testing devices, you need a partner that can guarantee your deliveries will arrive safely, on time, and be placed in the hands of the intended recipient. Finding a supply chain solution partner isn’t always easy but it is possible. A true partner understands the difficulties involved in transporting biopharmaceuticals and communicated with you to offer visibility throughout the entire process.

Our Life Science division provides value through excellence, expertise, and compliance within the Healthcare Industry. Our wide range of customized global general cargo and temperature-controlled solutions are supported by a unique non-transactional, high-visibility operations model.

Our dedicated team understands the critical nature of these shipments, provides flexibility to adapt in times of chaos, and is ready to engage and to collaborate to bring you customized solutions. For more information on Pegasus Logistics Group and our Life Science division, email or call us at 800-997-7226.

About Justin Murrietta, Director of Life Sciences & Global Sales

Justin Murrietta is the Director of Life Sciences and Global Sales here at Pegasus Logistics Group. He is an experienced Global Account Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. He is skilled in Operations Management, Freight, Life Sciences, Expedited Transportation, and Business Process Improvement.

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