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Ford Meter Box: Confidence in the Climate of Change

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“The only difference our customers saw between the first company we partnered with in Dallas and Pegasus was that it was now on time in perfect quality.”

Chris Shanks, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ford Meter Box

Client Challenge

Ford Meter Box’s customers rely on products arriving to them quickly. Usually, these customers have a project planned that requires the product to be delivered on time. Sometimes, these customers may even have emergencies and need the product immediately. A partner meeting and exceeding customers’ needs during routine and unexpected circumstances are vital for their company.

Before partnering with our team at Pegasus, Ford Meter Box was working with another logistics provider that could not meet their expectations. They needed to make a change but finding the proper logistics provider is an enormous task that can take a long time.

Ford Meter Box was looking for a partner that would take the time to understand its processes and procedures. They wanted to be confident that their customers would get the product they needed when they expected it and how they deserved it.

A Culture of Customer Service and Care

It’s critical for Ford Meter Box that when one of their products leaves a partner’s warehouse, it looks like it left from Wabash, Indiana, the location of the Ford Meter Box’s headquarters. We created a customized warehouse solution for their team: we helped them start running a Distribution Center (DC) out of our Coppell, Texas, warehouse that now serves as their central DC location.

This solution has resulted in us being recognized as their top-performing warehouse in inventory accuracy and on-time pick pack and shipping. And even though it comes from a different warehouse, customers can’t tell the difference between products shipped from this new warehouse and those from their headquarters.

Ford Meter Box prides itself on being a company that cares for people—both its employees and their customers. They were looking for a partner that had a similar company culture to them that values their team members so that, in turn, their employees will value their customers. Their team can attest that our culture is similar to theirs and that our people genuinely care about those we work with, from the sales team to management to those working in the distribution center.

The Success Story

Ford Meter Box said they felt comfortable when they met our team from the beginning. We created a custom transition plan that allowed them to move from their existing provider’s warehouse to our distribution and fulfillment center. Despite this volume, we moved thirteen truckloads of products and hundreds of SKUs, but we were still shipping to their customers within weeks.

Senior Vice President and General Manager Chris Shanks of Ford Meter Box said, “The team at Pegasus feels like a part of our team. I would say that the relationship with Pegasus today is as strong as ever because their performance is excellent.”

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