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High Value Project Rollouts and the Key to Successful Logistics Partnerships

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Retailers large and small are consistently changing their floor plans with new store fixtures and different layouts, planning the next product launch for their seasonal marketing campaign, or organizing the upcoming store refreshes and openings. It is critical that all parties, from the retailer to the team of installers, are strategically aligned for a rollout to be successful and the logistics plan to be effective.

Read about one of our Success Stories and how our partnership led to our client winning “Supplier of the Year:”

Client Challenge

A long-time client of Pegasus was tasked with a major rollout by their largest customer, totaling over 6000 stores that needed to receive their new equipment by a specific deadline. Their customer’s marketing team had millions invested in TV/Radio ads, print material, major event sponsoring, etc.

As a result, the completion deadline was non-negotiable. The timeline given to execute was said to be borderline “physically impossible” with a six-week deadline. Failure to execute and meet the deadline given would come with major consequences, including lost market share, reduction in future business, as well as possible chargebacks for failed SLAs.

Bottom line: failure was not an option.

Major Solution Points

Pegasus bolstered its support to ensure as the product was moving off the production line, it was being routed on the road same day to ensure on-time delivery. Pegasus helped develop a simplified pricing structure so that all franchisees working with our client’s customer could easily see the cost of transportation.

Taking it a step further, Pegasus also created a web tool that allowed individuals at the store level to see this pricing and place their orders for the new equipment depending on their specific store’s layout.

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The Real Win

Our client received the very prestigious “Supplier of the Year” award for a 4th time at our client’s customer supplier appreciation event. The success on the management of this specific rollout was the major driver for the award.

By collaborating with Pegasus and allowing us to act as a true partner on the logistics side of the business, they could really focus on meeting production deadlines, which is touted as one of the main reasons they were able to meet the “impossible” deadline and exceed their customer’s expectations.

The award cemented our client as the “go to” supplier, which has resulted in greater market share, increased business, and new opportunities they might not have received otherwise.

From storefront to back office, Pegasus handles white glove deliveries for every aspect of the retail operation. We understand your delivery requirements and are experts at interfacing with store managers and installation crews.

Pegasus Logistics Group specializes in solutions to streamline the logistics process for rollouts. To learn more about our retail and project rollout specialties, contact us at 1-800-997-7226 or info@pegasuslogistics.com.