How Dashboard Visibility Gives You More Control Over Your Supply Chain

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When you don’t have control over the hundreds of vendor orders and shipments currently spread throughout the supply chain, the ultimate price paid is customer frustration over timeliness and accuracy. There are direct negative financial outcomes to errors across the supply chain, but indirectly if your customers aren’t happy, they aren’t coming back.

To maintain total control of your supply chain to meet stakeholder and customer demands, you need a high level of visibility with real-time updates over a multitude of interdependent processes.

The pressures are mounting to improve visibility in a number of ways: growing global operations, the need to improve speed and accuracy, increased stakeholder and customer demand with shorter lead times, reduced supply chain costs, proactive allocation of inventory, and optimized numbers regarding trading partners, suppliers, carriers, and other logistics services providers.

Ready to access where you stand in terms of supply chain visibility? Ask yourself the following questions and discover common issues that are controlled and resolved with dashboard visibility:

  1. Are inbound raw materials jeopardizing your production line?
  2. Are you defining proof of concept for all new client orders?
  3. Do you know exactly when a product clears international customs?
  4. Do you struggle with increased stakeholder and customer demand for accuracy and timeliness?
  5. Are you failing to manage inventory at each stage in the supply chain?
Partner with Pegasus Logistic Group to Achieve True Visibility into Your Supply Chain

Pegasus Logistics Group provides a visualization of logistics tracking with customizable solutions to suit your specific needs. We have the experience to implement programs quickly, with solutions including installation coordination, supply chain management, warehouse optimization, system integration, and international distribution services.

Pegasus also invests in cutting-edge technology and tools that support dashboard visibility for logistics tracking efficiency. Some key features of our customizable technologies include proactive alert notifications, online HAWB creation and tracking, integration with your current systems, SKU-level order visibility, document management, and advanced reporting tools.

As leading experts in logistics management, Pegasus also provides a full suite of domestic and international services, including:

  • White-Glove
  • Time-Definite and Air Expedite
  • Inbound Purchase Order Management
  • Heavy Haul / Project Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility has the power to create value. By addressing gaps and inefficiencies in your supply chain, while either predicting or responding quickly to disruptions. Through real-time insights, dashboard visibility puts you in a proactive position fortified by maintaining control of flow to meet demand.

Download this free guide and realize the far-reaching benefits of implementing dashboard visibility. Contact our team of visibility experts for more information. 

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