Managing the Final Mile

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When it comes to managing the final mile whether it’s a time specific delivery, display or high-value product, things can get difficult in a hurry if you and/or your provider are not proactive about the process. Inattention to detail and lack of experience can lead to higher costs, damages, and failure to meet client expectations. Here are a few tools you should be utilizing to ensure that final mile leaves your client wanting more.Read this post on LinkedIn

Site Profiles

Site profiles are great for scoping out the final mile landscape prior to any complex delivery. Not understanding delivery requirements can lead to multiple delivery attempts, additional handling of the freight, and valuable time lost. These issues in turn can result in potential damages, missed SLA’s and client dissatisfaction. Simple steps detailed in the site profile can eliminate these risks. Does the location have a dock? What are the hours of operation? Any special equipment requirements? What type of setup is involved? All these specifics and more can lead to a seamless delivery process.


Taking the time to call the delivery destination location is paramount to managing the delivery process. Pre-calls are conducted to avoid any issues. They help clarify the front-end site profile creation, confirm someone will be on site, as well as help provide that exceptional customer satisfaction experience. Pre-calls ensure the provider can execute fluidly and prevent potential safety hazards for both the product and the personnel delivering the freight.

Delivery Checklists

Creating operating procedures for a client can establish trust when managing deliveries. If processes are implemented, miscommunication and a lack of quality standards can be avoided. Utilizing delivery checklists for drivers helps force accountability & consistency for everyone involved. These client-specific checklists can be created using information captured during the pre-calls, site profile creations as well as collaboration with the client. The delivery checklist can also be leveraged to act as a “client satisfaction survey” taking it to a whole new level related to the superior client experience.

Managing the final mile is a vital ingredient to a successful transportation model. At Pegasus, we see the final mile as a golden opportunity to help our clients differentiate themselves from the competition. Delivery checklists, site profiles, and pre-calls are just a few of the steps taken to ensure a smooth delivery process. What is important to you when managing the final mile?

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