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Pegasus and Our Stakeholders are Working to Flatten the Curve

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As uncertainty across the world grows along with this pandemic, the one constant, unfortunately, is chaos. Pegasus prides itself on navigating customers’ chaos by remaining calm through their perceived storms. Amidst the COVID-19 upheaval, a consistent presence has been our partners, who have implemented creative and effective tactics to keep our customers safe.

Threshold Pickups and Deliveries

As the pandemic spreads, social distancing becomes more and more important in order to “flatten the curve.” Our partners have taken this to heart, with many implementing threshold pickups and deliveries, thus affecting inside, white-glove deliveries.

Most of our partners’ inside deliveries, either to residential addresses or businesses, have been shut down by company policy or by state instructions. In response, our partners are taking extra precautions in order to honor social distancing and ensuring safety:

The drivers stay in their trucks and we load them. Their paperwork is left on the tail of the truck … Drivers no longer come into our office.” – Pegasus Partner

inside deliveries
Health Checks

Our partners have expressed to us how proud they are of the precautions they are taking. This includes sanitizing work stations in the office for those who must still come to work and instructing as many as possible to work from home. All of this helps to flatten the curve out in the field where drivers continue to truck along, keeping business going.

“We take the temperature of each of our employees EVERY morning!! [Our dock workers] wash hands as often as possible and try to stay around six feet apart from each other and any truckers entering our dock area. Cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched areas in everyone’s work area. As for the drivers, they do wear gloves and we tell them the same: wash your hands as often as possible, stay six feet apart from the customer and keep the trucks as clean as they can.” – Pegasus Partner

Many of our partners have taken the same precautions as Pegasus, sending people to work from home, implementing Zoom (and similar applications) in order to continue communications, and holding company-wide meetings to ensure everyone is up to speed as laws and policies evolve and affect day-to-day business.

Despite our best efforts to keep business running as usual, it is almost impossible. However, with our strong partner network across the U.S., we continue to deliver with a commitment to the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners, doing our best to flatten the curve every day.

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