Pegasus Core Value #1- Fanatical and Passionate about Customer Satisfaction

Pegasus Core Value #1: Fanatical and Passionate about Customer Satisfaction

Pegasus Logistics GroupInsider

Fanatical and Passionate about customer satisfaction is clearly one of my favorite core values.  Maybe it’s the sales slant in me, but it’s difficult to argue that taking care of our customers is not mission-critical to our success. A great passion to serve fuels our growth, which helps support many of the great things we invest in.  Being obsessive and enthusiastic about our clients is something we should live and breathe every day!  Raving fan customers deliver more opportunities to all stakeholders. 

Let’s take a look at how we define this core value.  Passionate seems relatively easy to define right?  We understand our clients intimately as we know their business as well as they do.  This only enables us to go above and beyond while truly caring about their success.  Treating each client with a tailored solution provides enthusiasm and energy second to none.  We’re adaptable and the calm within our client’s storm.  We challenge the norm and always look for the best approach to solve their fundamental business issues.  Lastly, we’re resourceful by making decisions despite ambiguity.  Always staying relentless in solving any business challenge and never backing down from difficult supply chain disruptions. 

So how do we ensure we are living these values and qualities? I think the best way is to make sure we call it when we see it and promote our rock stars every day! We make it a point to promote positive behavior so others see what it’s like to be fanatical and passionate. I consider it a privilege to be a part of Pegasus Logistics Group, and we want every stakeholder to see that type of commitment every day.