Pegasus Core Value #3: Looking at Tomorrow Today

Pegasus Core Value #3: Looking at Tomorrow Today

Pegasus Logistics GroupInsider

Living and understanding our core values is critical to maintaining strong company culture. Looking at tomorrow today is as relevant as it was over 20 years ago when Ken aligned to our core values. In order to deliver opportunities to all stakeholders, we must be always looking ahead to secure prosperity for the long haul. I’ll touch below on a few adjectives that highlight this value:


You challenge the norm and create new ideas that drive change or investment in our future. Doubling our investment in IT next year is an example of that behavior from an overall organizational perspective. Given our growth, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be challenged from multiple angles. Tenured employees, our college PDP candidates and interns plus all new hires with experience or new to our industry provide so many perspectives every day. Embracing those perspectives and capitalizing on them is what makes it special.


We’re anxiously engaged in learning and development opportunities and strive to contribute to our success every day. Everyone can improve and get better. Embrace this for both personal and professional reasons


You speak up for what is best for ALL stakeholders and challenge the status quo. This can be impactful for so many reasons as we always must do what’s best for all parties. Stand tall in the face of potential failure and quickly seek the best solutions.

Let’s stay consistent in living this core value and continue to promote this behavior when we see it! I encourage you to take advantage of the programs we use to promote positive behavior so others see what it’s like to be looking at tomorrow today. Use examples daily on the floor and embrace these core values. Our High 5 participation has been incredible so let’s keep up the great momentum. Don’t forget our stakeholders outside of our organization as well. They too can live this value and let’s recognize them for it. I consider it a privilege to be part of Pegasus Logistics Group and we cant every stakeholder to see that type of commitment every day.