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Pegasus Core Value #4: The Difference is Fun

Pegasus Logistics GroupInsider

One of the qualities in the culture deck under “The Difference is Fun” is the word “passionate.” Over the years, this word has grown to mean many different things but one trait of passionate I feel contains many different facets is “you are willing and excited to work with your teammates.” In this description, I think of the creativity that comes from this trait which comes from having a passion for working with your teams.

I’m talking about the bowling and volleyball leagues, the book clubs, and outrageous Halloween costumes; every day I am pleasantly surprised and pleased at how each individual takes this core value and makes it their own through their own embodiment of passion.

One of the greatest things I enjoy while walking our halls is the sound of laughter, it permeates the air and reminds me that working hard and having fun operate in tandem here at Pegasus. I see the joy that emanates from you and it reminds me that we are continuing to live “The Difference is Fun.” I applaud you for taking my vision that was seen all those years ago and thank you for your enthusiasm. Additionally, our 25 year anniversary was especially meaningful to me as I felt the immense gratitude you all had for such a memorable celebration. Thank you for your thankfulness, it’s one more element of “The Difference is Fun” that I truly and genuinely enjoy seeing enacted here in our everyday work. I encourage you to live the qualities outlined in the culture deck: “connected”, “inclusive”, and “passionate,” these and the things I’ve spoken of here are what make “The Difference is Fun.” We work hard to celebrate success and believe fun is earned. I see that every day, thank you for living this core value and I ask and encourage you to keep up the great work.