Pegasus Core Value #5: It's Not for Everyone, It's Only for the Best

Pegasus Core Value #5: It’s Not for Everyone, It’s Only for the Best

Pegasus Logistics GroupInsider

What comes to mind when you hear the word “best”?  Optimum, first, greatest, and unsurpassed are all synonyms.  I like the definition “the highest degree of competence, inspiration, or effort.”  We all like to think of ourselves in those terms as well as surround ourselves with people or things that are the best or take actions we believe will deliver the best outcome. 

We want the best for ourselves, our families, and our friends.  Now, I understand we sometimes settle for less than the best when it suits our needs.  I buy regular gas for my truck vs. premium or sometimes I buy generic brands vs. name brand.  So we do have choices, but when it comes to something important, we really do want the best and that usually applies to ourselves and those we work around.  So when a company has a core value:  “It’s Not for Everyone, It’s Only for the Best,” does that align with your expectations?  Some may see that value as arrogant (especially outside the company), but I find it inspirational.  I love the way we have clarified this value and the expected behaviors at Pegasus.   To be the best and to stay the best, you have to continually improve.  That’s one reason we focus so much on feedback and development.  You have to be competent and have mastery over your particular job.  The best perform consistently at a high level and possess an inner drive to perform and get better. But maybe the most important thing is that the best make those around them better.  I sent a recent email about elevating those around us and the Robert Ingersoll quote, “We rise by lifting others.”  This means we must elevate our stakeholders – teammates, customers, partners, investors, and community. Let’s focus on not only being the best but helping our stakeholders to be the best as well.

Definition: We strive for excellence and expect the same from all stakeholders


  • You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you
  • You take informed risks and learn from your mistakes in order to support the business and stakeholders
  • You are continually improving your best self and expect the same from all stakeholders


  • You challenge yourself and others to be better
  • You demonstrate an urgency to get things accomplished
  • You live the core values and hold yourself and others accountable to them


  • You give to the community in order to make the world a better place
  • You show empathy, kindness, and concern for others
  • You are passionate about all stakeholders and bring out the best in them