Preparing for a Holiday Project Rollout

Preparing for a Holiday Project Rollout

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As 2020 comes to a close, shippers around the country are busy gearing up for the holiday season and to embark on the New Year. Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year, new budgets, new product launches, etc., shippers require an efficient and effective logistics partner to support their holiday project rollouts and marketing campaigns.

Taking large volumes to market across thousands of retail locations can be exciting, but there are several challenges that can come with it; time constraints compound the complexity of coordinating across multiple delivery locations, managing installations, and in some cases, multiple shipper locations.

Retail Project Rollout Case Study

At Pegasus, our experienced project team works together to execute, manage, and collaborate to ensure a successful store rollout. Below are a few key solution points to one of our most recent rollouts:

  • Daily conference calls with the client’s transportation team for project duration
  • Collaboration to build custom pallets to fit through the retail store doors
  • Pre-calls to store managers to schedule shipment date/time
  • Shipping to sites one day before install to ensure timeliness
  • Proof of Delivery within 30 minutes of delivery
  • Revisit the stores the day after installation to re-package and shrink wrap old equipment on the same custom pallet
  • Consolidate full truckloads of old equipment to take back to the client’s warehouse

By collaborating with Pegasus and allowing us to act as a true partner on the logistics side of the business, this client was able to focus solely on meeting production deadlines, while letting us deal with the chaos. This relationship resulted in a 100% on time delivery rate.

Choosing Your Partner

Partnering with the right logistics provider can turn these difficult endeavors into simple affairs. A true logistics partner understands your needs and is prepared to manage the inevitable challenges of delivering a cost-effective, claims-free solution without interrupting your day-to-day operations.

Proper preparation is the key to navigating difficult projects and having the below questions answered beforehand can be the difference between success and failure.

  • Do I Have the Right Partner?

Every project is unique and understanding that your partner has a track record of success managing large scale rollouts helps to ease your nerves.

  • What are the Product Specifications?

A good logistics partner will insist upon providing accurate information beforehand, including pictures and site visits, to prevent high cost and time delays caused by specification changes.

  • Where is the Freight Moving From?

The packing procedures and shipping hours of the origin points are frequent limiting factors of how quickly the product can be mobilized which is crucial information when routing the project. Giving the logistics provider total control over how the freight is moved is the best way to limit issues.

  • Where is the Freight Delivering?

Knowing if the final destination requires advanced notice of delivery or needs appointments to prevent installation delays, SLA penalties, lost revenue, or overall client dissatisfaction is important information to your partner. Addressing the delivery requirements before the project begins can go a long way towards 100% on-time delivery.

  • Has Effective Communication Taken Place?

Lastly, miscommunication at any time throughout the rollout can create additional costs in the form of delays, additional accessorial charges, lost products, and other inefficiencies. It is crucial to choose a logistics partner that fosters confidence through excellent communication so that you can trust them to take care of problems quickly and efficiently.

Proper planning leads to improved efficiencies, more consistent service, and greater client satisfaction. Everyone’s goal is to reduce touches, decrease costs, and provide superior on-time performance. Contact us for further information on collaborating with Pegasus to offer customized solutions for your project needs.

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