Recalculating: How Pegasus is Keeping Your Supply Chain Moving Forward

Recalculating: How Pegasus is Keeping Your Supply Chain Moving Forward

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If you are among the thousands of global suppliers, carriers, and forwarders, you are most likely strategizing and imploring your creative logistical senses seeking to answer the million-dollar question of 2021:  

How do we keep our supply chain moving forward?

In this dynamic market, the answer to that question is customization.

We understand that one size does not fit all. In fact, this highlights our mission and core values of Pegasus. At Pegasus, we spare no effort to be innovative problem-solvers and great stewards of our client-centric culture. We use every tool in our toolbox to ensure your needs are met.

As we strive to overcome the challenges 2021 brings, below are a few points that we believe are necessary for your logistics team to consider.


My family and I took a 5-hour road trip recently, taking a route we have taken before, only to come to a road closure and the dreaded words from Siri… “rerouting.” With no cell service, we went old school and pulled out a map. We have taken the same quick and easy route for years and almost forgot that there was more than one way to reach our destination! The alternative route took longer and may have cost a bit more, but it was better than going home and giving up.

  • Be willing to look at alternative routing: At Pegasus, we are considering all major ports, factoring in the dwell times, and providing alternative routing solutions with realistic transit times.
  • Transload will be the new normal: We have resources coast to coast, including Canada, giving us the capability of transloading and moving your freight across all major points, regardless of the final destination. Yes, we have the in-bond transit to the final destination, via solo or team truck, covered. On average, we are cutting the destination transit times in half.
  • Fill ‘er up: We have overweight carrier contracts stateside and can move your overweight cargo to its final destination. If you’ve never considered the option of overweight, Pegasus can help provide a cost analysis and comparison.
  • Think outside the box: If your standard equipment isn’t available, Pegasus can solution your supply chain using alternate equipment or modes of transportation.

The Strength is in the Stretch

To be flexible, you must stretch. Stretching is painful, but it is essential to growth! At Pegasus we know, together, we can go further, faster. We have stretched our network and combined forces with some of the strongest global carriers and partners to accommodate the demand for space.

  • Be open to non-traditional contracts: Composed of both fixed and variable rates; for 3, 6, and 12-month periods.
  • Be willing and prepared to pay more: Premium rates options are available if you want to keep your freight moving. The old saying goes… “you get what you pay for.”
  • Be flexible this bid season: Right now, carriers are in the driver seat. It is important to have a NVO as a partner to advocate and fight for your supply chain. 

At Pegasus, we believe the secret ingredient in partnering with our clients is authenticity and transparency. We are committed to informing you of what you need to know to continue moving your supply chain forward effectively. Together we will have fun and make the impossible, possible!

 Our team of innovative problem solvers at Pegasus listens to your needs and uses our experience to rapidly implement programs that drive success.

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