Streamlining Your Installation & Transportation Services

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The key to delivering a seamless transportation experience for your customers is to pay detailed attention to each part of the delivery, from the pickup of your high-value product to the installation of it. At Pegasus, our full vetted installation partner network offers you that streamlined transportation and installation process.

Read about how our client has decreased their labor cost for scheduling installs and decreased damages of their product by partnering with our team:

Client Challenge

One of our clients, a manufacturer of large, advanced robotic machines for food service, previously faced difficulties in scheduling and coordinating delivery drivers, install technicians, and the Point of Contact at the delivery site for the installation of their robots. On top of this, they were seeing an increase in damages of their heavy, high-value equipment.

Major Solution Points

Pegasus created a Dedicated Account Team to manage and coordinate the delivery and installation services for the customer, ensuring a seamless process from pickup to installation.

A customized Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) was built and included individualized delivery and installation checklists. Drivers and install technicians are required to complete the checklist.

  Implemented pre-calls to delivery site contact to ensure a smooth delivery process.

 Required 2-man deliveries for proper handling of heavy, high-value equipment.

✓ Client & Pegasus collaborated to document comprehensive handling requirements and escalation path if the damage was to occur.

Key Results/Facts

✓ Pegasus was able to streamline the delivery and installation process for the client which resulted in a decrease in the client’s labor cost for scheduling installs.

The Dedicated Account Team acted as a single point of contact for all delivery and installation needs for the client which improved communication.

The detailed SOPs and checklists decreased damages and ensured proper handling and installation of equipment.


We want to help you streamline your transportation and installation network with our installation partner network of over 13,000 certified and skilled technicians. From kiosks and vending machines to Point-of-Sale systems and audio/visual equipment, Pegasus offers assembly services as an add-on service to white glove transportation.

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