When to Know It’s Time to Change Your Logistics Provider [Part 3]

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Last month, we posted part two of our Final Mile Delivery blog series and discussed the consequence of failure if the final mile delivery goes wrong.

Join us for part three below as we talk through some questions you may ask if you have realized the consequence of failure is great and something needs to change. We hope to provide you with advice on improving your current logistics services and helpful points in searching for the right partner.

If I Am Experiencing Challenges, Like Product Damages or Improper Attire of Drivers, What Can I Do to Clean Up and Improve the Last Mile?

While it is important to have continuity from origin all the way through to destination, there are some things you can do at the final mile specifically. There is a planning process documentation that we can help you with before you were to even become our client. An example of what we have done in the past is getting focused attention on the actual delivery itself by an external team. We’ve worked with a client to be able to say, “let us take a video of the process as it is right now and then let’s both sit down. You’re not making a carrier change or anything like that right now, but we will use your current process and take a snapshot of it.”

When we sat down with the prospect to review the delivery process from a visual and procedural standpoint, we were able to identify some things behind those challenges. Working with a collaborative logistics provider who will work with you to document and layout that process change can give you confidence that there is a solution to your current challenges before you consider switching over to a new logistics provider.

Can This Process Be Done Internally Rather Than Working with Another Logistics Company?

This can be done on your own, but the different set of eyes from a different perspective is going to be key. If you sit down internally and review with your team that video of the delivery process, your team is likely to see it the way they’ve always seen it.

In one of our client cases, we brought an outside team to help beyond just a freight logistics standpoint. For example, say it was a packaging issue. We have brought in packaging specialists that sit with us to provide different ideas and new approaches. So, whether it is a third-party logistics provider or another outside group of people, having different eyes on the process will be beneficial to you.

How Would Your Team Coach Someone Who Is Considering Making a Change of Providers?

If you have tried these different techniques and they are not working, it may be time to consider changing logistics providers. We understand you may have some skepticism about how to change. And if you are knee-deep into a partnership and you are pressured to make a big change, it can seem overwhelming.

Look within your organization and try to understand how much pain is being caused internally due to the challenges you’re facing. If you are seeing a repetition when you make changes with the same problems, consider why it is continuing to happen. If your current logistics providers are not walking you through that process, then that may be a red flag. Look for a partner that will collaboratively work with you to deeply understand what the root causes are and who values transparency. For more advice on selecting a logistics provider, read these six helpful points that are crucial in the search for the right partner.

There Has Been A Lot of Change Over the Last Year That Has Caused Additional Challenges. How Important Is Transparency When It Comes to A Logistics Provider Partnership?

There has been a lot of change in the last year, especially in the supply chain and logistics industry. Often, in any industry, you do not want to expose any potential weakness or risk within your network. However, with times like these, it is mission-critical to be open and transparent with all the challenges within the networks, whether it is globally or here in the states. Educating you, our client, is a must because we understand you are not able to make good decisions regarding your business and your customers without being knowledgeable on what’s going on in the current environment.

At Pegasus, we say “the truth hurts helps.”

We are committed to serving each of our clients. We understand that details make the difference, and we’re open and honest with you throughout all stages of the supply chain. We go the extra mile to collaborate with your team and truly become your partner.

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