Importing PPE and Other Medical Supplies During COVID-19

Importing PPE and Other Medical Supplies During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone worldwide. The impact of coronavirus has been profound economically, emotionally, politically, and within the medical industry. It has changed everything from the very basic principle of how we greet each other to the more challenging changes we have seen in complex supply chains and product shortages. Supply and demand have shifted in many different industries and many of our clients at Pegasus have adapted their production lines to assist in the battle against COVID-19 and begun manufacturing PPE, Personal Protective Equipment.

Life Science to Pegasus Logistics Group has never been an afterthought. In fact, many of our quality and compliance standards have been focused on providing solutions and services to complex health and medical manufacturers across the globe, ranging from Class I to Class III devices. With the evolution and adaptability of our clients during this time, we quickly pivoted to implement world-class solutions that would enable safe and fast transportation of the much-needed products into distribution centers. Orders now could be fulfilled in an efficient manner to the hands of the people that needed them most. With years of experience in critical time-sensitive delivery requirements and with a group of talented people that continue to support our Life Science backbone, we have been able to ship face masks, ventilators, and other medical supplies from overseas manufacturing plants into the heart of the United States.

Our domestic and international partners have developed different transportation elements, including steamship lines, airlines, and ground transportation carriers. Working hand in hand with our partners to ensure we provide 24/7 communication and visibility of the shipments have been more important than ever. The volatility that the industry has experienced due to airlines canceling flights and capacity reductions on ocean transportation makes our constant communication and visibility a key differentiator. 

Through unique and dynamic collaboration, we have been able to ensure these products move as smoothly as possible and ensure they are delivered on time every time. With the help of our customs brokerage team and their knowledge with FDA, we have successfully mitigated any delay at customs ensuring paperwork is verified at the origin with our customers according to the import CBP and FDA regulations.

Pegasus is proud to be chosen to partner with several clients around the world to ensure that PPE and medical supplies are delivered to frontline workers on time. Pegasus’ Life Science division provides value through visibility, excellence, expertise, and compliance within the Healthcare Industry. Our dedicated team understands the critical nature of these shipments and provides flexibility to adapt in times of chaos. For more information on Pegasus Logistics Group and our Life Science division, email or call us at 800-997-7226.