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When a company experiences growth, it’s often met with excitement and growing pains. This was certainly the case for Confluent Medical. Founded over a decade ago in Costa Rica, Confluent initially embarked on a modest venture in the region with a focus on producing a single product. They set up a small site with a small, clean room. However, as they delved deeper into the market, they soon grasped the vast potential for growth within the region.

Roberto Carvajal, the Customer Operations Director for Confluent Medical, speaks about the evolution of their operations. He shares how the initial setup was streamlined and centered around a single product line. However, as they started realizing the enormous growth opportunities in the region, the operations began to scale. With the expansion came challenges, and the need to find a solution became evident.

Article Summary

  • Initial Challenge: Confluent Medical faced logistical complexities during its expansion in Costa Rica, particularly in coordinating ocean, air, and ground freight.
  • Discovering Needs: Pegasus Logistics Group was introduced to Confluent’s requirements through a competitive bid, which paved the way for a potential partnership.
  • Tailored Solutions: Pegasus provided bespoke logistics solutions, specifically optimizing routes and combining transportation modes for enhanced speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Tangible Outcomes: As a result of the partnership, Confluent Medical experienced timely product deliveries, operational savings, and an improved market presence.
  • Sustained Support: Built on shared values and trust, the Pegasus-Confluent partnership thrives on continuous communication and adaptability, ensuring that Confluent’s evolving needs are always met.

Confluent’s Growth & Logistical Challenges

The primary challenge that Confluent Medical faced was the transformation needed in its operational philosophy. With growth, the simplistic logistics and operations that may have worked for a small setup began to show their limitations. An expansion in operations often demands a rethink of how business is conducted, how products are distributed, and how to manage larger teams and operations. Given the international nature of Confluent’s business, the logistical challenges of ensuring timely and efficient product delivery became even more pronounced.

This is where Pegasus Logistics Group came into the picture. Drawn to our promise of delivering on our word, Confluent took the leap of faith to let us handle their complex logistical needs. It was a decision borne out of a need to adapt and evolve in line with their growth, ensuring that their internal operations philosophy shifted in tandem with their expanding footprint.

Confluent Medical’s main challenge was transitioning from a small-scale operation with a simplistic logistics approach to managing a growing, more complex operation that demanded a more sophisticated international logistics strategy. Their journey of transformation and growth is a testament to the adaptability and foresight of businesses and their need for reliable partners like Pegasus Logistics Group to help navigate these challenges.

International Logistics Partnership

Understanding Confluent’s Needs and Paving the Path for a Strong Partnership

Confluent Medical’s journey to find a logistics partner began with a bid, a process in which we eagerly participated. This bid introduced us to Confluent’s specific requirements and allowed us to understand the depth of their logistical challenges.

As we delved into their needs, Confluent offered us a unique challenge: managing a large-scale transfer of food containers. This wasn’t just a test of our logistical capability but a testament to the trust they were willing to place in a potential partner. We grasped this opportunity wholeheartedly, showcasing our commitment, expertise, and the promise of reliability.

Our successful task handling and dedication to our word became a cornerstone of trust between Pegasus and Confluent. Carvajal’s affirmation of our ethos – that what we promise is what we deliver – speaks volumes about the foundation of our current international logistics partnership.

In essence, our introduction to Confluent’s needs was through their bid, but it was our unwavering commitment to excellence that solidified our relationship, proving that at Pegasus Logistics Group, actions always speak louder than words.

Customized Logistics Solutions

When Confluent Medical was gearing up for a new product launch in Costa Rica, the complexity of their requirements was evident. The task wasn’t just about transportation—it was about orchestrating a harmonious coordination of ocean, air, and ground freight to ensure a seamless product launch. That’s when Carvajal approached Pegasus Logistics Group for assistance.

Our dedicated account team wasted no time analyzing their need’s specifics. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of their launch, we meticulously planned the movement of goods via ocean, air, and ground channels. By combining these modes of transport, we optimized speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring the right products arrived at the right place and the right time.

But our engagement with Confluent Medical wasn’t just transactional. We understood that a company of their stature required more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Hence, our solutions were uniquely tailored, emphasizing flexibility to adjust to unforeseen changes and providing visibility so that Confluent could always have an eagle-eye view of its supply chain.

Our commitment to these bespoke solutions and our proactive approach have cemented our role as a trusted international logistics partnership with Confluent Medical. Today, we continue to support them with adaptive strategies and solutions, ensuring their supply chain remains agile, efficient, and tailored to their evolving needs.

International Logistics Partnership - supply chain solutions

Tangible Outcomes

Measurable results are the litmus test of any implemented strategy. For Confluent Medical, partnering with us didn’t just mean another logistics solution but a transformative change in their operational dynamics.

Our tailored logistics strategies ensured timely deliveries for Confluent’s new product launch in Costa Rica. This meant a seamless introduction of their product to the market without any logistical hitches, which directly influenced their market positioning and customer perception.

Beyond punctuality, our integrated approach to ocean, air, and ground freight led to a noticeable reduction in transportation costs. By optimizing routes and leveraging the most efficient modes of transport, Confluent experienced a significant boost in their operational savings.

Additionally, the visibility we provided into their supply chain allowed Confluent to make more informed decisions, anticipate potential challenges, and respond proactively. This minimized disruptions and enhanced their agility in a competitive market.

The collaboration between Confluent Medical and Pegasus Logistics Group culminated in enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and a strengthened market presence. The tangible results experienced by Confluent underline the transformative power of a well-orchestrated international logistics partnership.

A Continued Partnership Built on Trust and Shared Values

In the dynamic world of logistics, it’s not just about meeting initial needs; it’s about fostering a lasting relationship that continually adapts to evolving challenges. Our ongoing collaboration with Confluent Medical serves as a testament to this philosophy.

Constant, open communication lies at the heart of our continued support. Whether engaging with the team in Costa Rica or with Carlos Gonzalez-Compte and his group in Miami, our channels of dialogue remain perpetually open. Such exchanges aren’t limited to virtual interactions. Visits, like Roberto Carvajal’s tour of the Pegasus headquarters in Dallas, Texas, help build mutual understanding and reinforce the shared values that underpin our partnership.

Seeing our operations up close in Dallas, Roberto recognized a resonant ethos between Confluent Medical and Pegasus: a core foundation built on values. In trying times, these values guide our actions and decisions, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers – a principle that both our companies hold in high esteem.

For Confluent, being a trusted partner in medical device manufacturing isn’t just a business objective; it’s a mission to save lives. To realize this mission, trust across the supply chain becomes paramount. The same trust that Confluent strives to earn from its customers is what they seek in their suppliers, and we are honored to be regarded with such confidence.

Our sustained international logistics partnership with Confluent Medical thrives on constant communication, adaptability to ever-changing needs, and a deep-rooted commitment to shared values. Roberto’s willingness to recommend Pegasus to peers and colleagues further speaks volumes about their trust and confidence in our partnership. As Confluent grows and evolves, we stand by, ready to adapt and support every step of the way.

International Logistics Partnership


In the intricate tapestry of global logistics, the journey of Confluent Medical and Pegasus Logistics Group stands out as a testament to what can be achieved through mutual trust, shared values, and a dedication to excellence. From understanding nuanced needs to delivering tangible results and nurturing an enduring partnership, our shared story underscores the transformative power of collaboration. As both entities continue to evolve in their respective arenas, this international logistics partnership serves as a beacon, highlighting the significance of trust, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to driving success and making meaningful impacts in the industry and beyond.

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International Logistics Partnership

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