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Miami: The Gateway to LATAM

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As a major waypoint for trade between the United States and Latin America, Miami is home to many experienced freight forwarders. Finding the right logistics partner is a significant piece of the seamless supply chain puzzle. The Miami gateway impacts the raw material flow into LATAM manufacturing plants, exports of US manufactured goods southbound, and imports from LATAM moving back into the US. Read this post on LinkedIn

Miami boasts the availability to utilize daily ocean and constant air cargo traffic. International companies must partner with a logistics provider who has a presence in Miami, offers a flexible model, and provides the supply chain visibility necessary in today’s dynamic logistics environment. The ever-increasing emphasis on consistent service and real-time data integrity to more effectively plan and execute puts pressure on supply chain professionals every day.


Suppliers and manufacturers need visibility of their freight, especially when goods are moving in and out of a consolidation HUB. Greater visibility seems to be a bucket list item for supply chain managers across the globe. Optimizing cost, service consistency, improving lead times and revenue growth are just a few advantages of timely data integrity. Cutting-edge technology, customs clearance expertise, and healthy partner relationships combined strengthen your visibility platform. Real-time access to information is critical to suppliers and manufacturers moving products in and out of consolidation centers such as Miami. Whether it’s from the supplier origin all the way down to the consolidation point, delayed visibility can simply be the difference between air cargo options or ocean. Lack of dashboard visibility can disrupt assembly lines or delay the rollout of a new product. It doesn’t take a math major to understand the cost impact in any of those cases above. Having purchase order integration with the forwarder’s TMS/WMS gives the supplier complete access to their freight giving a direct visual to potential shortages and surpluses in inventory

Miami Presence:

Having local expertise in Miami allows for unparalleled service and a true competitive advantage when shipping to and from LATAM. It fosters true partner relationships that allow goods to be shipped to any LATAM country using various service levels and modes of transportation. Flexible options are key, and having a partner with the ability to read the pulse of the day-to-day operations provides that unique differentiation. Lastly, the local expertise in customs processes can help mitigate the risk of delayed clearance and potential accrual of storage charges until the freight is cleared.

The Superior Client Experience:

Turning visibility, flexibility, and convenience into a superior client experience take a special partner who can parse through the noise to deliver meaningful data and offer unique advantages. Dedicated account teams structured to support imports and exports with that quick turnaround is critical. Challenges in a supply chain can be prevented in advance with equally-accountable relationship partners and ensuring best practices are in place. We’ve all heard sales and operational management preach people, process, and technology… is your logistics partner living up to these commitments today?